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Olga Gamburg Commercial, Corporate, Event, Portrait, Wedding and Travel Photographer

The woman behind the camera

Hi there, I'm Olga Gamburg, the always - smiling traveling photographer, dedicated to infusing a touch of magic into your cherished memories! Imagine this: I'm not just clicking pictures; I'm passionately committed to capturing those unique moments that will eternally bring a smile to your face. Armed with my camera and fueled by a deep love for adventure, I'm exploring the world to weave stories frozen in time.

What's my secret ingredient? It's a blend of professional skills and an unwavering love for travel. Yes, I'm that globe-trotting enthusiast who believes that every nook and cranny holds a distinctive story waiting to be beautifully told through my lens. Moreover, I find inspiration in everything – be it breathtaking landscapes or the smallest details that make a moment unforgettable. So, let's embark on a journey to create photographic magic together! Whether you're craving a jaw-dropping scenery shot or a spontaneous, laughter-filled moment, rest assured, I've got it all covered. Are you ready for a laid-back yet professional adventure through the lens?

Trolley in Istanbul, Turkey during rare snow storm photo by Olga Gamburg

Life’s an Adventure

While I'm primarily located in California and Michigan, my work has taken me on captivating journeys across the United States, Turkey, Jamaica, and Iceland. Don't hesitate to consider out-of-state bookings – you might be pleasantly surprised by the affordability. Your dream photoshoot might be just a plane ride away!

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Capturing moments in California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan + Beyond.